P51D Grey on the back of a sweatshirt / jumper

As my artwork evolves I strive to add maximum clothing format possibilities – That way you can get the plane you want on the garment you need. Gone are the days of t-shirts only. Now you can get my planes on t-shirt, premium t-shirt, sweaters / jumpers, hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts! The one below for example is the grey P51D on a sweatshirt or jumper as we call them.

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Fokker Vs Dolphin – who is the winner?

Fokker DVII was the best fighter plane of WW2. It had a welded steel tube fuselage with wooden wings. It was known to be strong, fast, agile. It had a BMW 220 horsepower engine with 6 inline cylinders. I once owned an old BMW 735i – it had a six cylinder inline 6 BMW 3 litre engine. I often wondered if it wasnt the same engine just a bit higher tech and probably shrunken.