Going Solo – Roald Dahl’s WW2 air combat adventure. (Not for the squemish)


Going Solo – Roald Dahl’s WW2 air combat experience

The above is a BBC audio book and Audio CD formats approximately 3 hours long, covering both ‘Boy’ and ‘Going Solo’.

The above is a Kindle version of ‘Going Solo’. If you have a Kindle reader, or if you have the App on your device, you can read Going Solo in Kindle format.

The above is a Mass market paperback version of BOTH books combined. It (The physical format at least) also has the Quentin Blake cover illustration. I believe he was Dahl’s preferred illustrator. The link above gives options for paperback, audio cd and kindle… Take your pick. lol. I reckon paperback is probably the best option, if you just want the book to read in an affordable and trouble free format. I dont think you could go wrong with either the new or used copies available from Amazon. At least it’s something tangible you can hold in your hand. The Audio CD or the Kindle would also be useful if you are certain you have the required equipment to play/read them.

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