Looking at General Aviation (GA) flight sims

Looking at General Aviation (GA) flight sims

Recently, GA flight sims have caught my attention. Here are my findings:

Microsoft Flight Sim will release their newest offering sometime in 2020. It will likely be a kind of combination of Google Earth style satellite maps and 3d terrain coupled with aircraft.  I will get it when its out since it looks worthwhile, in comparison to the current MS flight sims which I have always regarded as unimpressive. (Except for MS Combat Flight sim which is awesome).

Currently the GA sim options look to be Prepare 3D, X-Plane 11, and MS Flight Sim 2010(?) (FSX)

Of those, Prepare3D looks legit – especially for practicing for real flying. Looks like there are various kind of modules for these sims that include real time weather, and a chase plane mod – I assume it allows more external views.

There are third-party module makers that make some GA planes like the Cessna 150 and 182 and Piper aircraft. Theres also some amazing looking old-school airliners like the Lockheed Constellation and the Boeing Stratocruiser. Also there are many map aerea modules like parts of USA or Germany etc and many airport modules. ORBX is a big name in these modules. It looks to be a hobby that can get pricey, I think people can rack up $800 on various sims and modules, although thats similar to combat sims.

In the vid below FSX has somehow been imported into Google Earth or vice versa. Pretty impressive. I imagine MS Flight Sim 2020 will be like this but much more polished.



Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – What about Combat Sim 2020?

My take on MS Flight Sim 2020 and reasons why MS Combat Flight Sim 2020 needs to happen.



Spitfire vs Bf109 – Digital Combat Simulator World

2 Spit 9 vs 2 Bf109K-4 on the DCS Normandy map


ME262 Landing under attack (IL-2 Great Battles)

Landing a ME262 fighter jet while airfield is being strafed by P47 Thunderbolts. The airfield is protected by Fw190D-9 and some anti-aircraft units. The airfield also gets unleashed on by the A20Bs that survive my R4M rockets.


BFV sniper scout mode

I’m trying to focus my time on the scout mode – which has all the sniper rifles – which I have neglected up til now, in favor of more close quarters modes – in order to get the Boys Anti-tank rifle, which apparently is awarded at a certain level – which I havent reached yet…In this whole process I have managed to get a better scope which makes the scout mode MUCH more effective. I did briefly pick up a discarded Boys Anti-tank rifle on the field and fired it a bit and it is pretty beefy.


BRISTOL BEAUFIGHTER (IL-2: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition)

This is one of the default missions out of Blitz its one of the ground attack ones, – Truck convoy I think. This all went better than expected and the only issue was I couldnt lower the flaps for landing. (Now I just remembered the button to lower in cliffs is V but I kept hitting F)


Mustang & B17G England airfield (DCS)

WARNING NO COMBAT: This is a test out of the England side of the Normandy map, also turned on smoke dust and fog.


ME262 airfield takeoff under attack from P47D & A20B (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Im getting the hang of how to fly this jet fighter – the trick is to preserve energy while slowing down enough to get the shot. Thats also important since ammo is limited and every shell counts, but also every shell can bring down a plane on its own.


FH4 Porsche Cayman 2015 live


ME262 engine fail (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Here’s the infamous 262 engine issue.


ME262 Vs Warship (IL-2 Great Battles)

The AAA on the ship is usually deadly, but the 262 is so fast the ship barely has time to react. Still lost a main wheel fairing. The 262 is optioned up with armor plate behind the seat and in front, so its going to be a bit sluggish in comparison to its fighter configuration, but when attacking a warship, its a good idea to have some armor.



Mustang Vs Bf109K-4 (DCS)

2 P51D versus 2 Bf109K-4, quick mission on the Normandy map.



Hillman Imp – Cinematic race (Forza Horizon 4)

Here is a car with an aluminium engine stowed in the boot and some pretty good handeling for its category. This car was pretty straight forward to learn and the race is 1-take only, so I had literally not raced that circuit before or the car beyond the drive TO the race that you see in the vid.


Barn find Aston – Forza Horizon 4

Barn find of a Aston Martin, Im driving a Porsche Cayman 2015.


Porsche Cayman 2015 – Forza Horizon 4

Driving the newest addition to my Jay Lenoesque car collection the 2015 Porsche Cayman. Needless to say because its a Porsche – its really really good.