Gate Completed

This mini project is complete. And theres another 50-odd projects just like it that I need to somehow allocate time to. lol.

Gate completed. I’m pleased with it. If I did it over again, I would have not used any reclaimed materials. The radiata pine was not 100% true and straight, and because its untreated needed painting. Further, the treated pine at the hardware store that could have been substituted for the radiata, is very inexpensive. I was going to use reclaimed palings I found in my garden, however they were a type of wood that I consider to be too heavy and they were also fairly warped. Same deal the posts. I have reclaimed posts but the look pretty rough. Consequently its basically a new gate of mostly new materials. There is also 80kg (around 170 pounds) of concrete involved. Time involved? Several full time days and a few weeks of part time tasks before that. Could have been much quicker if I didnt use a hand saw to cut the frame end-grooves. But that would require a new power tool purchase. Same for digging the holes – would have been nice and quick if I bought a hole digger hand-tool. Summary: Good project, sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, happy with the result and didnt cost too much and ads amenity to my place.

Gate Completed

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