Looking at General Aviation (GA) flight sims

Recently, GA flight sims have caught my attention. Here are my findings:

Microsoft Flight Sim will release their newest offering sometime in 2020. It will likely be a kind of combination of Google Earth style satellite maps and 3d terrain coupled with aircraft.  I will get it when its out since it looks worthwhile, in comparison to the current MS flight sims which I have always regarded as unimpressive. (Except for MS Combat Flight sim which is awesome).

Currently the GA sim options look to be Prepare 3D, X-Plane 11, and MS Flight Sim 2010(?) (FSX)

Of those, Prepare3D looks legit – especially for practicing for real flying. Looks like there are various kind of modules for these sims that include real time weather, and a chase plane mod – I assume it allows more external views.

There are third-party module makers that make some GA planes like the Cessna 150 and 182 and Piper aircraft. Theres also some amazing looking old-school airliners like the Lockheed Constellation and the Boeing Stratocruiser. Also there are many map aerea modules like parts of USA or Germany etc and many airport modules. ORBX is a big name in these modules. It looks to be a hobby that can get pricey, I think people can rack up $800 on various sims and modules, although thats similar to combat sims.

In the vid below FSX has somehow been imported into Google Earth or vice versa. Pretty impressive. I imagine MS Flight Sim 2020 will be like this but much more polished.



Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – What about Combat Sim 2020?

My take on MS Flight Sim 2020 and reasons why MS Combat Flight Sim 2020 needs to happen.



Looking at General Aviation (GA) flight sims

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