IL-2 Cliffs of Dover 5.0 update news

Cliffs of Dover’s developer team – Team Fusion, have released two vids and some more detail on their upcoming Tobruk map and the Spitfire Vb with tropical intake filter.

And the Martlet which is basically a Gruman F4F – one of the cats was it a Hellcat or Wildcat? I think Wildcat. Its a navy fighter with distinctive shape and undercarriage which folds into the fuselage.

The development has spanned many years and last update seems to have been many months ago and it is very difficult from my perspective to estimate how far away a 5.0 release date is, or what the finished product will look like. Right now it is looking pretty good, comparable to something of a cross between Cliffs of Dover Blitz and the fully modded-up IL-2 1946. The vids below are a work in progress – not the final product.

To be sure the North Africa theatre of operations has many appealing things to it. Its kind of all the Battle of Britain planes and equipment – and characters, only they shifted the fight over to the Mediterannean, where hot dusty sandy deserts and palm trees and oasis are found. I think of that iconic colourised photo of a Bf109 formation flying over the desert and just how the camo of the plane blends perfectly with the backdrop.

And this was where Ace of all Aces Hans Joachim Marseilles met his fate – due to a fualty engine, rather than combat. Also the SAS cut its teeth in this region with the long range desert drives in jeeps to raid airfields.I wonder if that can somehow be in the game at some point.

All in all those vids show some progress and that the project is still in motion.

UPDATE: New video! I made this article yesterday and today here is another new video! The TF 5.0 updates are now flowing in. This is a very impressive vid because it shows an updated Beaufighter, a new Macchi Mc202 and some pretty good desert map scenery. Also I REALLY like the soundtrack song.

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover 5.0 update news

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