P47D Vs ME262 Airfield (IL-2 BOS)

The trick to taking out ME262 jets with a P47 is to dive from high above build up speed and away you go. Then as long as you hit one of those engines, you’ll slow it down enough to catch up.


SE5a (Flying Circus)

SE5a on Tank Crew map, with the Spad versus Fokker DVII and Albatros DV


BEAUFIGHTER LONDON – IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

Even though this vid is 5 minutes long it took me 3 hours to make! Please enjoy this sightseeing tour of 1940’s London, flying in the Bristol Beaufighter.


Tank Crew: Inside a Panzer tank

Heres a unedited vid of the interior of this light tank. It has 5 crew crammed into the small space.



TANK CREW: Battle tanks and a plane

A tank battle on the Tank Crew map with the updated damage graphics and tank interiors and an IL-2 43 thrown in.


Porsche Cayman 2015 Forza Horizon 4

I reckon I have pretty much mastered the art of cinematic Forza vids.


ME262 vs A20B (IL-2 BOS)

Schwalbe vs Havoc.


Albatros D.Va Vs SE5a – Flying Circus

If there was one plane I would be extra confident I could just jump in and fly it would be the Albatros, because it is very user-friendly to operate.


Spitfire vs He111 over London – IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

A quick mission out of Blitz.


Pruning the tree

Eventually I will prevail over this giant. I am picking up a head of steam as I continue to prune the tree my modo operandi is improving making progress accelerate.


ME262 Vs P47D (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

ME262 dogfight versus two P47D.



Mustang Vs. FW190D-9 (Digital Combat Simulator World)

B17G and Mustang approach a Luftwaffe airfield as FW190D-9 takeoff. There is a lot of AAA on this airfield.


Ju88 Vs Docks (Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition)

I seldom fly this plane in CLOD, but here is a rare go at it and Im pretty unfamiliar with all the bells and whistles, I had some drama trying open the bay and also in aiming the sight.


Sopwith Camel Vs Me262 (IL-2 BOS)

Its a victory ill take that lol.


IL-2 vs Tanks (Tank Crew)

Here is the effect of the small armor piercing shaped-charges – each 2.5kg dropped in bulk on tanks.


ME262 Vs Spitfire IX (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

The 262 has a pretty defined performance envelope: Bleed off energy and it will take a long time to get it back, but dive too fast results in complete loss of elevator authority and not being able to pull up.


ME262 Vs. Yak 1b Series 127 (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Even though the jets produce a huge amount of power, in a turn fight, at full power and full control deflection, the nose sometimes wont lift. Head to head is ok, except collision risk and high closure speed gives slim window of opportunity – plus ammo is limited. Ideal use of the 262 I think (so far), is to boom and zoom on a target that is flying straight.


IL-2 Tank Crew: U2 Biplane Vs. Tanks and Flakvierling

Here is confirmation that the tanks will fire at the planes. I was waiting for my ai wingmen to get with the program and attack the tanks but they went for a fly over there. I reckon I could destroy a tank if I got a direct hit.


ME262 Vs Tanks & U-2 Biplanes on the Tank Crew Map (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

I experienced unusual big drops in frame rate, down to 7FPS sometimes, mostly in cockpit view, I was initially blaming the newness of the Tank Crew Prokhorovka map, however it occurred to me my 1TB HDD is almost full and has around 10GB space left – I make so many vids it fills up way too fast! (Be a channel member or Patreon and support my efforts) So it could be the disk is full causing the stutter. That said, this is a very beautiful “Deep fake” the jet heat blur the rain on the windshield, the pastural farmland scenery and the vehicles and planes and interactive houses – it is a great example of how good PC graphics are getting, since this is all latest tech stuff. Yes the map has some flicker bugs but as I say that aside its looking very spectacular in my opinion.


SE5a Vs Fokker DVII (Flying Circus)

These WW1 planes are the ultimate turn fighters, they have so much lift that you can pull back fully in a turn and rapidly and not stall out.



DCS: Mustang Vs Bf109K-4

Mustang Vs Bf109K-4. This is a English airfield, with some B17s on the taxiway.


Spitfire Vs Ju87 – IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

One thing Id really like is the ability to pre-set the convergence, since by default in single player it seems to be set around 300m, whereas I want as short as possible – probably 80 m. Also, yes the audio is out of sync and I actually did this vid 5 times before it recorded without a visual technicolour issues. Its a bit hit and miss, but the graphics aside all that are still spectacular.


Spitfire IX vs. FW190A-3 on the Tank Crew map (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

The Spit IX now has 4K skins, one other plane newly 4k-skinned is the 109F (I think its the F), so Ill have to have a look at that too. 4K Spit looks even more awesome than before. As to flying I rarely went full power and tried to do some Judo moves and use the FW190A-3’s momentum against itself.


Spitfire IX Vs. ME262 and Ju88 (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

JU88 got my radiator otherwise I would have also taken out the 262.
Song: Decision


Spitfire Vb Vs FW190A3 & Ju87 (IL-2 BOS)

Spit Vb in action on the tank Crew map


Spitfire IX & P47D Vs. ME262 & FW190D-9 – IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Bodenplatte

On the Tank Crew map. Spitfire works best for me if I set the convergence to 100m and instead of chasing at full power, I mostly climb instead and then dive when in striking range. Some factors: Not much ammo, but its powerful ammo. Not as fast at full power as most opponents. Climbs well, turns VERY well. Bang sticks placed out across the wings so convergence is very important to be able to focus that fire power on a single point. Further, that way you can roll and still keep all barrels on target. Each polane basically has its own characteristics and you gotta fly them all differently, for example you wouldnt fly a Spit like a FW190 and vice versa.
Song: Decision


Spitfire Vs. Ju88 & Bf110 – IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

I was able to adjust the cpnvergence in loadout optioons before flight, in this quick mission. So I set the convergence to 100m. I took out two Ju88, with some spectacular results, but the Bf110’s were too fast and I couldnt catch them very well and then ran out of ammo.


ME262 Vs Spitfire IX (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Six ME262 Vs six Spitfire IX.


Spitfire Vb Vs FW190A-3 (IL-2 Bos)

This is 1 Spitfire Vb and one P40 Kittyhawk Vs quite a few FW190A-3.


Bf109F-4 & PzIII Online PvP (IL-2 BOS)

There is a problem with the sound, but apart from that this was pretty awesome fun, playing online. Flying the F-4 and driving a Panzer III.


With commentary: 1946 All the Allied planes (IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946)

Lets look at all the Allied planes in 1946. When I finished this list I realised I had only gone through the allied planes list and there is also the Axis list so we shall look at that in part two.


With Commentary: 1946 All the Axis planes (IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946)

So many planes in 1946, here are the Axis list from the Steam version, ie standard un-modded list of planes. There are mods that can make the planes list even more extensive and you can fly even the most obscure WW2 planes, but that is not covered here in this vid, this vid is limited to the default game.


I-16 Vs trucks, Hs129 & Bf110 (IL-2 Great Battles)

On the Tank Crew map.


Tanks Trucks & Artillery (IL-2 Great Battles)

All the tanks artillery and trucks to-date in IL-2 Great Battles.




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