MIG 3 Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)
Today I flew the Mig 3 here is the second vid of around 5 vids of Mig 3 multiplayer.


MIG 3 Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)

Mig 3 PvP.


ME262 Vs. Spitfire IX & A20B (IL-2 BOX)

This is a single player quick mission. Im flying a ME262 with R4M rockets. There is also a ‘contingent’ of two FW190A-8 in the area carrying Wgr.21 pods, but they never joined the fray.


Bf109F-4 Vs Factory (IL-2 BOM)

Flying the Bf109F-4 in a ground attack role. Fighters can take out artillery and AAA positions and some heavier targets like fuel dumps.


Bf109F-4 Vs Airfield – Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)

Airfield attack in Multiplayer, flying the Bf109F-4.


Bf109F-4 PvP Multiplayer – train attack – IL-2 BOS

The multiplayer IL-2 has two teams or sides and each side has several assets on the ground such as tanksm trucjs, airfields and trains and factories and artillery that the opposing side tries to destroy and vice versa. First team to destroy all the ground targets wins. So you have a combo of fighters and bombers – arguably bombers win the game faster since they directly reduce the number of remaining ground assets but also everyone takes fighters usually. Here is one such ground asset – a train.


Ju88 vs Bridge – 2nd attempt (IL-2 BOS)

Ju88 second attempt at the bridge, successful this time – keeping high speed in the escape was the key to survival I think.


Ju88 vs Bridge PvP Multiplayer (IL-2 BOS)

Today I flew the Ju88 twice. This is the first attempt. In the second attempt I did better because I approached from higher up and dived down and hit the bridge along its length and then zoomed away at speed. As you can see that didnt quite happen this time.


Battlefield V


Spitfire: Bridge attack quick mission (IL-2 Cliffs of Dover BLITZ)

This is the Bridge attack quick mission and flying the Spitfire. I included the entire Channel crossing returning to base.


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