Yak 1 (IL-2 BOS PVP)

Some Yak action.


Yak 1b s127 (IL-2 BOS PVP)

Chasing a bf109 and being chased by several fw190.


Bristol F2b & Sopwith Dolphin Vs Halberstadt & Fokker DVII (Flying Circus)

Flying the Bristol F2B on the Tank Crew map, with no optional extras on the plane, so she’s at max performance in terms of agility and speed, plus the turret gunner still has a single MG. Mainly dueling the Halberstadt 200hp version, but there are also Fokker DVII’s and Sopwith Dolphins in the fight. I believe I hadnt seen a parachute deploy before this battle.


Bf109G-14 Vs P47D Thunderbolt (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

On the Tank Crew map. The G-14 is kind of overlooked by me, because soon after it released the K-4 released and it is the highest performance 109. Still the G-14 is very good and here it is in its new 4k skin.


FW190A-3 Vs. P47D & train (IL-2 Great Battles)

Flying the FW190A-3 with its new 4k skin vs a Thunderbolt and a train on the Tank Crew map. I not the performance problem and the flickering forests and chalk cliffs of this map have been resolved with the update yesterday.


Halberstadt Vs Bristol F2B (Flying Circus)

The Halberstadt is much the same as the F2B but its less powerful engine at only 200hp vs the F2B’s 280hp.


Bristol F2B vs Halberstadt (Flying Circus)

My first 3 dogfights in the F2b. its a different kind of thing because you have your forward firing armaments and then the turrets have some decent firepower too.


28 July 2019

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