My new Influencer Store

My new Influencer Store

I got an influencer store on Amazon. The purpose is to collate all the hardware I use in my flight sims. So if you want to get started and you are starting from scratch, you can literally acquire the first 5 or 6 items in the store and you are set. This is useful, because when I started I had to do a whole lot of research into what systems I needed and even then I got it wrong initially which meant I bought a new computer that I thought was adequate, but it wasnt, I then went and got my current system and never looked back…. Back then, if I had access to a summary of what I know today, it would have saved me so much time and money. Here is that summary.


Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso


Have you seen this movie? It is Porco Rosso. It’s a Japanese cartoon. It’s about a WW1 ace pilot in the inter-war period who gets involved in various dogfights in floatplanes and flying boats, in the Adriatic Sea, fighting other aces and also some Sky Pirates.

Original 1992 trailer:

Below is the new trailer:

The whole Adriatic area is captured well. It is characterised by these huge towering cumulus clouds, big sunsets and picturesque islands everywhere.

For some unexplained reason Porco has been turned in to pig, but was normal before.

There are many good scenes one that comes to mind is the procession of countless ascending planes that Porco saw when he blacked out. The dogfight scenes are pretty good too.

Its a great movie, I recommend it.

Below is a good review:


Porco Rosso on Wikipedia


29 Aug 2019

Latest Action.


Battlefield V

Latest BFV action. An almost empty server can be a big playground.


Bf109G-6 with Mk108

No action until the last 5 minutes


Bf109F-4 BIG Battle (IL-2 BOS)

In the first flight, at the trains, I mauled at least 1 Pe2, but no kills, but a Pe2 got me. After that I bagged a fighter again that was over the trains. Got shot down though. Then I heard of 5 enemy planes at 3km, over the tanks and I went there and a MASSIVE battle ensued!
In the last flight in the big battle, I got 1 kill and 1 assist and a landing. I reckon the armor saved me, because the plane was wrecked, it had so many holes it was like Swiss cheese. lol.



No action in this one.

The Fast Show

The Fast Show

Have you heard of this tv series? Its from the 1990’s and its called ‘The Fast Show’.

There’s nothing like it today.

There are a variety of characters that appear and I like them all. Some of my favorites include Rowley Birkin QC, Roy and Renee, Channel9 Scorchio, Brilliant, Black, Arthur Atkinson, and Chris the Cockney. Man, this was one heck of a funny show.



Rowley Brikin QC

“And I was Very Very Drunk”


Roy and Renee

“What da say Roy, What da I say?”

Chris the Cockney

“Im a little bit Weee – A little bit Wooo”


Channel 9 News Scorchio


Arthur Atkinson


Black – Johnny Nice Painter

“Black black everything is black”


The Tailors -Suits you Sir

“Oh Suits you Sir”

Latest vids

Latest vids

Some single player but mostly multiplayer and mostly livestreams.


P40 Boom n Zoom Vs. Bf109E-7 (IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad)

Damn I cant believe I used to try and turn fight this plane, it is so much better in a dive.


Bf109F-4 vs IL-2 (Battle of Stalingrad)

Defending a target airfield under attack from IL-2 aircraft.


Bf109G-2 vs P40 (Battle of Stalingrad)