Gone With The Wind (1939)

Gone With The Wind (1939)

I watched Gone With The Wind and I recommend it. Its around 4 hours long, so I had to psych myself up to watch it and I kept delaying. but my 48 hour Youtube rental period was going to end and I grabbed a beer, some hamburgers and some icecream and resolved to watch from start to finish.

I was concerned it would be extremely boring. There was a boring part – it was the last quarter where lots of tragedy happens (even more) and the story slows down.

Its G rated, but still its a heavy story. I get why they called it that title because it basically describes a vanquished situation.You could metaphorically describe the movie as a tornado running through a picturesque village. You got these ultra rich folk who end up impoverished and scrounging in the dirt to pull up a carrot and it eat raw there and then.  So yes its a chick flick but also theres some edge.

Theres a bit of humor mostly at the beginning. Id never seen this movie before but Id seen the Mammy memes but I didnt know the origin, well its from this movie.


The younger sister of the main guy in the movie is called India Wilkes and the actress who played it was Alicia Rhett. The author based the name of the other main guy Rhett Butler, on a old prominemt Southern family name, the name Rhett and it happens that Alicia Rhett was of that same family IRL. So there is some interesting fun fact there.

Below is a vid of this review, with the text-to-speech robot at notjordanpeterson.com employed to read out the script.


Latest Vids -A lot of PvP action

Latest Vids -A lot of PvP action

Most of my latest vids are live multiplayer person versus person PVP combat sorties.

This kind of thing is pretty good. There is a lot of depth to pvp, because tactics and flying the plane to its strengths are very important. I had spent around 2 weeks flying the Yaks, and now I’m flying the 109’s. Yak is mostly a turn fighter, while in comparison a 109 is a energy fighter, a boom and zoomer.

Boom Zoom practice at airfield

If you cannot out-turn your opponent then how on Earth do you shake them off your tail? climb hard and at some point your opponent who is chasing will stall and tip over and at that point you can stall turn and drop down on them and now you are on THEIR tail. It works if A the opponent doesnt hit you on the ascent and B, if you stall after they do.


Bf109G-2 Boom and Zoom practice

Practicing Boom and Zoom with the Bf109G-2, and Bf109F-4. In this entire session I only got 2 or 3 kills, but learnt a great deal about this tactic and Ill keep going until I get really good at it, because it is the ideal tactic to use with Axis planes like the 109 and 190, as they are not such great turn fighters, but they can do boom zoom very very well.




Spitfire IX 4 kills in a flight (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

I have been practicing with the Spit IX and this is probably my first 4 kills in a flight in PVP. Secret to my success was to set the convergence and sight to minimum distance – around 100 yards and then select clipped wings – to give me a faster roll rate, very essential for fine tuning aiming in some of those high stakes moments.


Bf109G-6 With Mk108


tree prune reloaded

Over the last 3 days I have been hacking away at the tree foliage with the extended Mk.II pole-saw, its now around 3.5M long and has a curved pruning saw on the business end. It only works without the blade getting thoroughly stuck in the cut groove, if the sawing action is from top down and the blade not getting pinched by the two halves of the branch.


Bf109F4 Multiplayer compilation (IL-2 BOS)

PvP action.


Spitfire IX (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

A PvP Shootdown compilation in the Spit IX.


Bf109K-4 Vs Spitfire, LA5, LAGG 3 (IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad)

PvP Multiplayer action.


TA152 (IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946)

Flying a Ta152H-1 N1 in IL-2 1946. This is a mission out of ’46 and its called something like On Two Fronts, its basically 1945 and you are likely to find both Yaks and Mustangs in your sector. The Ta152 is basically a motor glider on steroids.


“A Silver Spitfire” Spitfire IX Vs Bf109 (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Guns set to 100m convergence. The Spit can catch the faster 109 by out-turning.


Bf109G-6 Vs. LA5 – PvP – (IL-2 BOK)

Am just starting to fly 109’s in PvP now and this is the G-6 Vs LA5. Im noticing LA5’s can take quite a beating and still keep plodding along. Im not sure how to shoot them down at this stage haha. The outer wing seems to be the weakest spot.


Battlefield V marita

Still suck at this, some early success though.


Bf109G-14 PvP (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Yes there is a Frog logo on the screen for half the flight. Aside that here is the first flight in the G-14 in multiplayer live. I bagged a LA5, a Spit IX and half another Spit IX. Then ran out of ammo and returned to base. This plane is very awesome, big speed big guns everything.


FW190D-9 Dora Vs Spitfire Mk.IX PvP (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

PvP flying the Dora is a really FAST experience haha.

Yak 7b pvp (IL-2 BOS)

What a flight! 2 flights actually. First one I bagged a 109 and then collided. It was basically 4-5 109’s vs me. 2nd flight: I bagged a 109 over the airfield upon takeoff and then assisted another 109 takedown and then ambushed a 110 and then got a oil windscreen situation and went to land but engine stopped. This concludes my livestream flights on the Yak, I am confident in both the Series 69 and the 1b as well as the 7b at this stage. Next up Ill return to the Bf109 and the FW190 and probably mostly fly the F-4.


YAK 1b vs Bf109, FW190 (IL-2 Kuban)

Some recent combats in Multiplayer.

More RC Jet innovation in ultralight aircraft

More RC Jet innovation in ultralight aircraft

The dream of personal jet aircraft is getting closer. Just a few days ago we saw two new incremental steps in this direction. Below two vids on this subject. Crossing the English channel has been a historical proof of concept for many an aircraft – Im thinking of The Bleriot monoplane crossing – the first one if Im not mistaken. It must have been more than 110 years ago. Now we have the latest flights.



PvP action

PvP Action

Multiplayer is sometimes rage frustrartion inducing, but it is also fairly addictive. To quantify where Im at, now I can sometimes get a kill or two and then usually get shot down or crash or run out of fuel – occasionally I make it back to base. Usually this is in the course of 1 – 3 hours of play. Contrastingly, the top players – the aces of PvP I guess – they can rock up, play for 55 minutes and achieve 6 kills with zero deaths.  So I suck compared to that but also often they fly in squadrons and etc compared to me Im usually flying solo.  I reckon I have basically perfected the art of surprise by stalking around at tree-top level, next I might try energy fighting, with a focus on higher altitude flights.

Yak 1b S.127 Vs Bf110 & Stuka. IL-2 Kuban, Prokhorovka

These are some flights I did last night PvP and in a very messy way took down a Bf110, a Stuka and then another Stuka. That last one I did very well, but then I ran out of fuel. lol.


YAK 1 s.69 vs Bf109 (IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban)

Yak v 109 pvp, multiplayer Yes theres a typo in the title its not a 1b its a series 69.


Spitfire IX Vs FW190 (IL-2 BOX Multiplayer PvP)

Two FW190’s shot down in Multiplayer! The first one tried to outclimb and also put the nav lights on – a tactic to get the buddy to shoot the pursuer (me). It didnt work. the Spit climbs well on big wings. Second FW outpaced me to his home airfield but then made the mistake of turning and going head to head instead of landing under the protection of the AAA. I set convergence to the minimum – I think 100m. And the gunsight is at minimum distance – 150 yards and minimum wingspan I think 30 or 40 feet.

Phantom Microlight aircraft

Phantom Microlight aircraft

Have you heard of this plane? I bet you havent. But you should. It is one of my favorites and its more or less one I have on my short list. The appeal of this plane is clear: It can withstand +9 -6 g! Its a STRONG airframe. There are literally hundreds of planes out there you can buy as a kit and build yourself that look just like this, but none of them has this structural strength, making the Phantom unique. Below are some of my favorite Phantom vids, this one is a ‘Super Phantom’ I believe that means its got a bigger than specified engine. In quick summary the things I like about the Phantom are: Probably kit-build, probably very simple to build, cheaper to build, cheaper to run, three-axis control configuration like a ‘real plane’ – Useful if you have trained on Cessnas and so on because you dont need to learn a new airframe genre type, such as weight shift hanglider trikes etc. Fairly affordable engine options looking at such as Rotax 447 40-50Hp type of 2-strokes. You can mount a Ballistic Recovery Parachute system (BRS). Thats why I like it. If youre looking for a entry level 3-axis plane I reckon this is a strong contender.  A bit of explanatory context on these vids, they are the best vids demonstrating the Phantom in existence and thoroughly excellent in my opinion. I actually wrote an article on the Phantom a while back but I couldnt find these particular videos again despite searching for 3 days. lol. But they are here again and I reckon there is a special story here as well about the pilot I believe he was Keith Erwin, a very cool dude in my opinion and very good at aerobatics. From what little I have pieced together loss of control happened at one point (Not in these vids) – I dunno maybe loss stall or even structural issues or what have you, and he fired the BRS, which may have accidentally struck the tail and subsequently failed to deploy as intended. The Dude clearly had some mad skills and big balls of steel. And BRS is a awesome concept this one probably just needed some minor tweaking.  So big respect to not only the Phantom aircraft but also big respect to the amazing pilot Kieth Erwin, he was an impressive character in his own right. Phantom X1 on Wikipedia






















Battlefield V

Did quite a bit of flying in this session.


P47D vs. Train (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Note the three bombs dont detonate, the damage they cause is from their momentum only, they were dropped too low to go off.


P47D Thunderbolt Ground Attack (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

On the tank crew map. Thunderbolt is a heavy duty ground attack aircraft.


P47D Thunderbolt Vs. Bf109G-14, K-4 (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

On the Tank Crew map. The Bodenplatte 109’s are faster than the Thunderbolt, even at altitude, so I had the guns at 160m, but would recommend longer for longer shots such as 300m.