Phantom Microlight aircraft

Have you heard of this plane? I bet you havent. But you should. It is one of my favorites and its more or less one I have on my short list. The appeal of this plane is clear: It can withstand +9 -6 g! Its a STRONG airframe. There are literally hundreds of planes out there you can buy as a kit and build yourself that look just like this, but none of them has this structural strength, making the Phantom unique. Below are some of my favorite Phantom vids, this one is a ‘Super Phantom’ I believe that means its got a bigger than specified engine. In quick summary the things I like about the Phantom are: Probably kit-build, probably very simple to build, cheaper to build, cheaper to run, three-axis control configuration like a ‘real plane’ – Useful if you have trained on Cessnas and so on because you dont need to learn a new airframe genre type, such as weight shift hanglider trikes etc. Fairly affordable engine options looking at such as Rotax 447 40-50Hp type of 2-strokes. You can mount a Ballistic Recovery Parachute system (BRS). Thats why I like it. If youre looking for a entry level 3-axis plane I reckon this is a strong contender.  A bit of explanatory context on these vids, they are the best vids demonstrating the Phantom in existence and thoroughly excellent in my opinion. I actually wrote an article on the Phantom a while back but I couldnt find these particular videos again despite searching for 3 days. lol. But they are here again and I reckon there is a special story here as well about the pilot I believe he was Keith Erwin, a very cool dude in my opinion and very good at aerobatics. From what little I have pieced together loss of control happened at one point (Not in these vids) – I dunno maybe loss stall or even structural issues or what have you, and he fired the BRS, which may have accidentally struck the tail and subsequently failed to deploy as intended. The Dude clearly had some mad skills and big balls of steel. And BRS is a awesome concept this one probably just needed some minor tweaking.  So big respect to not only the Phantom aircraft but also big respect to the amazing pilot Kieth Erwin, he was an impressive character in his own right. Phantom X1 on Wikipedia






















Phantom Microlight aircraft

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