PvP Action

Multiplayer is sometimes rage frustrartion inducing, but it is also fairly addictive. To quantify where Im at, now I can sometimes get a kill or two and then usually get shot down or crash or run out of fuel – occasionally I make it back to base. Usually this is in the course of 1 – 3 hours of play. Contrastingly, the top players – the aces of PvP I guess – they can rock up, play for 55 minutes and achieve 6 kills with zero deaths.  So I suck compared to that but also often they fly in squadrons and etc compared to me Im usually flying solo.  I reckon I have basically perfected the art of surprise by stalking around at tree-top level, next I might try energy fighting, with a focus on higher altitude flights.

Yak 1b S.127 Vs Bf110 & Stuka. IL-2 Kuban, Prokhorovka

These are some flights I did last night PvP and in a very messy way took down a Bf110, a Stuka and then another Stuka. That last one I did very well, but then I ran out of fuel. lol.


YAK 1 s.69 vs Bf109 (IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban)

Yak v 109 pvp, multiplayer Yes theres a typo in the title its not a 1b its a series 69.


Spitfire IX Vs FW190 (IL-2 BOX Multiplayer PvP)

Two FW190’s shot down in Multiplayer! The first one tried to outclimb and also put the nav lights on – a tactic to get the buddy to shoot the pursuer (me). It didnt work. the Spit climbs well on big wings. Second FW outpaced me to his home airfield but then made the mistake of turning and going head to head instead of landing under the protection of the AAA. I set convergence to the minimum – I think 100m. And the gunsight is at minimum distance – 150 yards and minimum wingspan I think 30 or 40 feet.

PvP action

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