Gone With The Wind (1939)

I watched Gone With The Wind and I recommend it. Its around 4 hours long, so I had to psych myself up to watch it and I kept delaying. but my 48 hour Youtube rental period was going to end and I grabbed a beer, some hamburgers and some icecream and resolved to watch from start to finish.

I was concerned it would be extremely boring. There was a boring part – it was the last quarter where lots of tragedy happens (even more) and the story slows down.

Its G rated, but still its a heavy story. I get why they called it that title because it basically describes a vanquished situation.You could metaphorically describe the movie as a tornado running through a picturesque village. You got these ultra rich folk who end up impoverished and scrounging in the dirt to pull up a carrot and it eat raw there and then.  So yes its a chick flick but also theres some edge.

Theres a bit of humor mostly at the beginning. Id never seen this movie before but Id seen the Mammy memes but I didnt know the origin, well its from this movie.


The younger sister of the main guy in the movie is called India Wilkes and the actress who played it was Alicia Rhett. The author based the name of the other main guy Rhett Butler, on a old prominemt Southern family name, the name Rhett and it happens that Alicia Rhett was of that same family IRL. So there is some interesting fun fact there.

Below is a vid of this review, with the text-to-speech robot at notjordanpeterson.com employed to read out the script.

Gone With The Wind (1939)

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