Latest Action.


Battlefield V

Latest BFV action. An almost empty server can be a big playground.


Bf109G-6 with Mk108

No action until the last 5 minutes


Bf109F-4 BIG Battle (IL-2 BOS)

In the first flight, at the trains, I mauled at least 1 Pe2, but no kills, but a Pe2 got me. After that I bagged a fighter again that was over the trains. Got shot down though. Then I heard of 5 enemy planes at 3km, over the tanks and I went there and a MASSIVE battle ensued!
In the last flight in the big battle, I got 1 kill and 1 assist and a landing. I reckon the armor saved me, because the plane was wrecked, it had so many holes it was like Swiss cheese. lol.



No action in this one.

29 Aug 2019

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