Porco Rosso


Have you seen this movie? It is Porco Rosso. It’s a Japanese cartoon. It’s about a WW1 ace pilot in the inter-war period who gets involved in various dogfights in floatplanes and flying boats, in the Adriatic Sea, fighting other aces and also some Sky Pirates.

Original 1992 trailer:

Below is the new trailer:

The whole Adriatic area is captured well. It is characterised by these huge towering cumulus clouds, big sunsets and picturesque islands everywhere.

For some unexplained reason Porco has been turned in to pig, but was normal before.

There are many good scenes one that comes to mind is the procession of countless ascending planes that Porco saw when he blacked out. The dogfight scenes are pretty good too.

Its a great movie, I recommend it.

Below is a good review:


Porco Rosso on Wikipedia


Porco Rosso

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