Mostly 55 minute multiplayer sorties lately.


Spitfire IX Ground attack & MC202 (IL-2 GB)

Spitfire Vs. Macchi, and ground attack.


Bf109E-7 Vs Lagg (IL-2 GB)

Dont fly the E-7 very much, but I started to today. Here is a brief PvP combat. I decided to turn it into a music-art video, featuring my favorite things. Also over the years I have developed some video editing skills and I felt like making something fun.


Bf109E-7 Jabo – The amazing dogfighter-bomber – (IL-2 BOM)

Check the results or vote on the poll on what collector plane should be next: If you dont see the plane you want write a comment on this vid.

So this vid has two flights, the first is the best, it was a successful rtb and some crazy dogfights. I can see why a lot of pilots prefer the E-7 to the F series, because it is so very maneuverable.


Bf109G-4 (IL-2 GB)

Firstly, note to self: If an aircraft in front taxiis off, another one might spawn in it’s place. In these several flights I got hits on a Yak, got an IL-2 (Which got my propeller though with its Stalinium debris), then I completely mauled an A20B, then I spotted an IL-2 and 2 PE2 in a loose formation on the deck and I should have hit them and run, but I lingered and then a Yak joined and the Il-2 got me with its cannons. it got messy.


Bf109G-4, F-4, (IL-2 GB)

The last three flights were fairly skintilating, two times I managed to RTB with major engine or control damage and third flight I hugged the deck but also B and Z and got a Yak and an IL-2.



Latest action

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