I first saw a glimpse of this plane and I was hooked. I was looking in a light sport aircraft catalogue from around 2013 and I saw an ad for – I think it was a few things maybe Swift wings and Atos hang gliders, BUT in a very small sub-picture was THIS! I immediately placed high value on it. And here is a April 2019 footage of it.

You can tell the designers are from a hang glider background and thinking, so although it has a tailplane this is not entirely the source of stability and control. The most authoritative controls appear to be spoilerons, with also some flap and some speed brakes.

The new things on this include the cockpit is not below the wing, but more or less above it. Its a low-wing airframe. Its closest comparison the Swift has a high-wing for example.

Naturally you are looking at carbon fiber-kevlar and probably some aluminium in the seating and undercarriage. Also noteworthy is the retractable main wheel.

This plane is a revolutionary aircraft and I hope to see more of it.

This right here

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