IL-2 Battle of Bodenplatte – pre-big update thoughts

So Bodenplatte BIG UPDATE will release very soon – probably one day in the next 10 days, since the release will occur in September and theres 10 days left.

The map will be HUGE. Its a Western Europe map and the radio voicovers will be all new and include British and US pilots for the first time. Also the draw distance for buildings and planes will be increased.

Then theres the new planes. P38 Lightning, P51D Mustang and Hawker Tempest. These are extremely popular WW2 planes.

These things make Bodenplatte a WW2 combat flight sim game-changer. There has been a notion that flight sims are a niche market – My opinion is that there will likely be a increase in the popularity and player base.

Another big factor is that GPU’s, such as AMD and NVIDIA have been getting crazy strong and also dropping in price.

I cant wait to go on the map, it will be the biggest best WW2 map in a combat flight sim ever. Its something like 300x400km in size and unlike the (Excellent) Kuban map, which covers a lot of water, Bodenplatte is BIGGER than Kuban and covers mostly land – and not just deserted land like forest or desert – but populated areas full of big cities and so on.

And other stuff like all the planes now have 4K skins, single player Ai improvements, Multiplayer is getting very fun, tanks, WW1 bi-planes, the whole thing is just and amazing work of art at this point.

Bodenplatte map city industry

IL-2 Battle of Bodenplatte – pre-big update thoughts

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