P40 & Spitfire I Latest action

As you know, I have been flying these two planes the last few weeks and also the P47D when available.

P40 (IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad)

Today I found, with around 40 set manifold, I could run the prop RPM at 90% for 890 seconds before engine damage.
The first 4-5 flights I get shot down for no kills. Towards the end flights, I got some better action and all in all I got 2 kills and 1 assist. The last 3-4 flights were probably the best. I bagged a black 109, then ;ater a Bf110 that was engine out and heading back to its base, then a assist on a 109 – which I basically killed, but it was scored as a assist.

P40 (IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban)

1 flight in a P40. This time it was 8 Allies Vs. 28 Axis.

P40 combat in multiplayer (IL-2 GB)

A compilation of various P40 action.

Spitfire Ia flight with Gladiators on TWC

This was a flight in a Spitfire Ia. Ive seen the Italian biplanes before, but I dont recall seeing Gladiators flying around in CLOD. Then again I havent played it much – especially multiplayer. I think they were all Ai though.

P40 & Spitfire I Latest action

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