As you know, I have been flying these two planes the last few weeks and also the P47D when available.

P40 Kittyhawk (IL-2 Great Battles)

Lately I am only flying the P40 and the P47D.
Now seeing my flights in external, I can see the cowl flaps are fully extended – didnt ever overheat, but would have slowed the airspeed.

Spitfire Ia 100 octane Vs Do17 & Bf109E (CLOD Blitz 4.56)

My takeoffs are still edgy in this. Also she overheated from I forgot to open the radiator – I had closed it to see how long it would last before temp increase, but got side tracked by the Do17. Apart from those things I am more or less up and running with Spitfire in CLOD Multiplayer. Note this is 4.56 – it has some improvements. Such as the .303 audio and the Supercharger has a new whistle you can hear it on the Bf109 at the end.

Spitfire Mk. Ia 100 octane (IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition)

An inglorious flight. BUT The engine didnt overheat so I got that down pat.

P40 Kittyhawk (IL-2 BOS)

Note: The stream cut out. Was good while it lasted, thanks all who joined.

P40 & Spitfire – latest action

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