This right here

I first saw a glimpse of this plane and I was hooked. I was looking in a light sport aircraft catalogue from around 2013 and I saw an ad for – I think it was a few things maybe Swift wings and Atos hang gliders, BUT in a very small sub-picture was THIS! I immediately placed high value on it. And here is a April 2019 footage of it.

You can tell the designers are from a hang glider background and thinking, so although it has a tailplane this is not entirely the source of stability and control. The most authoritative controls appear to be spoilerons, with also some flap and some speed brakes.

The new things on this include the cockpit is not below the wing, but more or less above it. Its a low-wing airframe. Its closest comparison the Swift has a high-wing for example.

Naturally you are looking at carbon fiber-kevlar and probably some aluminium in the seating and undercarriage. Also noteworthy is the retractable main wheel.

This plane is a revolutionary aircraft and I hope to see more of it.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Recently I had a hankering for fish and chips.

My analysis.

Fish and Chips is basically my favorite dinner in the whole wide World. OMG I love fish and chips.

I also love Spaghetti Bolognaise and Porterhouse Steak, but this article is not about those fine dinners.

The problem is barriers to access. I cant (yet) make fish and chips at home, they dont sell it at most fast food drive-throughs, cant get it at McDonalds for example. I know of ZERO drive-through fish and chip fast food shops. Isnt that fact alone, remarkably crazy?

The only format fish and chips is offered is at local chip shops, where the best you can do is (check the opening hours, hope they arnt shut) phone ahead, order and drive out ten minutes later and fetch your order. This involves driving waiting, going to a shop and getting out of the car…Its all so HARD! I need a solution to this conundrum. And so my search begins.

I have tried making fish and chips at home in the past – several times and it works sort of but its not optimal without some specific equipment. No thermometer and you might not get right the crucial variable factors: Time and Temperature.

Equipment: How the shops do it is they have a BIG deep fryer and theres probably 40 litres of oil in each tub and the temperature is controlled by thermostat. You can set a timer so that the mesh basket will auto lift out of the oil when the timer ends. This way you can chuck in a great deal of chips and after 3 minutes it rises and your done or 6 minutes for a piece of frozen pre-battered fish.

So I turned to Youtube for some home-kitchen alternatives and below are my initial findings. Basically you can get a brand name deep fryer by DeLonghi etc and they seem to work ok from what I can see. It may be worth the investment.

Also very compelling is the deep frying pot. Its a pot specific to deep frying and it has some relevant unique features. As a video below shows, these deep frying pots can fit a mesh basket on a special hook and also can attach a thermometer so you can monitor the temperature. All you need is a cook top and a decent range hood to exhaust out all the oil vapor.

Monkey Magic 西遊記 (Journey to the West) One of the BEST TV shows in history

Monkey Magic 西遊記 (Journey to the West) One of the BEST TV shows in history

This is a quality television show.






Also the band that does all the music Godiego is very great and their tracks and albums can be found on Youtube.





I like the humor in the series too, there are some really good jokes, but some serious moments too.

Here is the complete first episode. It basically sets the scene for the future adventures.


Monkey on Wikipeida

Poll: What should be the next collector plane?

Poll: What should be the next collector plane?

Please vote on the Youtube link below

Poll: next collector plane

Cross-platform discussion: Basically a trending topic just now is collector planes. The main candidates seem to be the Yak 9 and the Hurricane. Also others are speculating Arado Ar234, C47, B25 flyable, Mosquito and IAR80 has been mentioned too.


Note The poll only includes 5 items, but I’d include MUCH more if I could. I would also have added planes like the Gloster Meteor, Dornier Do335 Pfeil, Ta152, Ta183 jet fighter, He162 jet fighter, Horten wing jet plane, and Me163 Komet rocket fighter etc. Id also add the Natter and other 1946 prototype and planned models, they are really amazing. Also Id add the B17G and the Short Stirling. I love the Stirling because it is so huge. Also the Storch, it would be a great addition.