Flight sim popularity increasing with newer cheaper GPU-equiped PCs.

With video games, the good ones – the cutting edge, awesome graphics ones – are all on PC, as opposed to console. And because not all PCs are capable of running new games at a decent frame rate or even at all, not all people who own a PC can play new video games.

Vidya king

There has been until now a notion that flight sims are a unpopular thing lacking in popular appeal and not worth the investment by video game companys generally. Its not true at all in many ways and the number one thing that prevents mass purchase of flight sims is that most folk dont own a rig capable of properly running a flight sim.

The good news is that the magic ingredient that makes it all possible the GPU (Graphics processing unit), is coming down in price and being widely included in PCs around the World.  The cost for example of a basic entry level gaming rig compared to a non gaming rig, would be a cost difference of maybe $600 USD. Thats the extra cost for the GPU basically.

I think GPUs are becoming ubiquitous and this will allow for more people to get into new video games including flight sims.

Flight sim popularity increasing with newer cheaper GPU-equiped PCs.

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