How to Multiplayer – NOOBS read here to:

– Lessen problems, maximise results


I’ve figured out a few things in multiplayer – heres what I know.

Yesterday, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I awoke with a headache! Basically I reckon all the neck-craning and kind of looking out the window with trackIR (Window of the plane that is) and further holding my squinting gaze in a particular area of the ground below for several hours had taken it’s toll. This is a kind of neck and viewing stress position and I think the way to overcome this, is to actually use the mouse to spot until a target appears and then switch to TrackIR.

When I do spot a target and I dive, I notice some kind of adrenaline effect and I have to basically tell myself to breath slower/deeper whatever.

The big problem is finding the action. Firstly ask where to fly?, Which target will the enemy strike first? Say you have 4 main ground structures that you need to defend, I’m seeing that often the enemy will mass swarm one target at a time and sequentially move up (or down) the map hitting one target at a time until they destroy each target in turn and consequently win the map.

target 2

The map shows a cross on the targets that have already been destroyed, so for example, if you can see of your four ground structures, the one in the South has a cross on the map (its destroyed), You can fairly reasonably assume the next target to the North will be hit next, unless maybe there is something bigger and juicier further up.

destroyed ground structure

Our Bomber Base (A ground structure we must defend) changed icon to a cross when destroyed. But North is the Engineer Corps, that can be defended next.

Really important to grasp zoom.

You want to fly along in zoomed out view, because this makes other aircraft visible as dots, but if you’re zoomed in or at normal neutral zoom, you wont see them. Its counter intuitive, but for now that’s how it works and if you want to spot another aircraft, you had better be zoomed out.

Secondly, to find an enemy aircraft you can head to the likely current target of the enemy’s focus and basically circle around above it, waiting until the enemy arrives. You likely wont directly see the enemy aircraft below you when you look down at the ground and the structure below, but you will see their attack taking place, because you see the AAA start to open up with tracer from multiple directions, triangulating the enemy plane and you see the tracer from the enemy plane, as well as smoke and vapor trails the damaged plane gives off. From all this you can infer a enemy’s location and start you diving attack. If your very high up you must cut the engine power in the dive to avoid GLOC (Geforce induced loss of consciousness) on pull out.

target 4

You can also (On Combat Box server and others too) see status messages on the top of the screen “Enemy aircraft detected near our bridge 1410” and that gives an indication of which target they may be heading to.

Always press “i” to bring up the compass in the bottom left corner of the screen so you can effect your navigation around the map.

In the Tempest Ive found best success when actually slowing right down when I get near an enemy aircraft so I can strongly maneuver without suffering GLOC.

target top down

I find if I fly directly to a fight-area, such as a ground structure Im defending or attacking, and without climbing high up first, often experienced opponents will be waiting on the direct route to there from my airfield and will strike there, with great effect. To avoid this I now fly an obtuse rout to a destination, usually anything as long as its not a straight line from A to B.

You can sometimes get an idea where the action is from the in-game chat, sometimes a experienced multiplayer pilot will say “They’re in the North” or what have you. And also by keeping tabs on the destruction status techno chat auto messages, that tell you “PlayerXYZ destroyed bunker” “Player ABC destroyed Opel Blitz” etc. You can sometimes get a mental picture of what areas on the map might be under attack from that and comparing it to targets on the map.

If you don’t do those things, you are relying on pot luck to bump into the enemy and you may – as I have done far too much – end up flying around for 1.5 hours without finding any combat. You get sick of staring at the screen hunting for pixels and you get blase and then you get shot down out of the blue and that whole deal of a long long boring flight ended by getting shot down without even seeing the enemy plane, is very disheartening.

target high

The above is a way of proceeding where you rely on the method of finding enemy aircraft by going to your structures that you defend and circling above them and looking for tracer. There’s at least 2 more chapters to these enemy locating methods, which I haven’t covered, including when you fly out to attack an enemy’s structures as a bomber aircraft and when you fly into enemy territory as a fighter. I will cover those in later articles when I figure them out more. BUT I kind of know how to operate a bomber, and in brief, as a bomber aircraft going to an enemy structure to destroy it and make it back to your base, my best results occur when I DON’T FLY A DIRECT LINE from my base to the target and I fly an obtuse course, going to the target in a way that I end up approaching from the flanks – sides, or even from the rear, because the enemy fighters are MUCH less likely to see you there as they don’t often look there. You also want to fly high as energy is your friend in the escape. As a diving bomber, you can come in from high drop your bombs on the juiciest targets – say a line of parked planes at an airfield, then zoom up, turn around once only and dive on the second line of targets, say a single AAA gun or a truck and shoot it up, then with all your energy shallow climb zoom out of there and get away – either directly home, or off in a obtuse way – up to you on the return.

target 3

Also, with Allied aircraft, IMPORTANT, if you drop your bombs, from the deck ie low level, often they just don’t detonate! You need to be higher up and fast when you release to ensure detonation. Say release not less than 300m, 1000 feet above the deck and you will ensure it goes off, but obviously its harder to be accurate compared to a Axis bomber, which can release at zero altitude and expect flawless detonation every time. If you forget this one point in an Allied bomber, you will have wasted your 10-20 minute time of taking off flying to the target with a well selected route and aiming accurately, because it would be the same as dropping a dud on the target.

Finally – and I haven’t figured this all out yet, if you fly as a fighter to a enemy’s structure, you need to find a way to spot them, and you can easier see them silhouetted against the horizon if you’re low, and on the deck, but then you lose your energy advantage, but if your high up above them, you wont see them, unless you spot a pixel down there stiring in the forest, and dive on it to see what it is, or unless you see a air to air combat below, then you know its go time, but it is – I think – much harder to find enemy aircraft in enemy territory for the reasons above. Conversely as also mentioned earlier, you will more readily find enemy aircraft above your structures, because your AAA will be firing big bright bursts of tracer right at them, essentially pointing the way.

That is my basic understanding of multiplayer currently.

Hawker Tempest – Multiplayer – IL-2 Bodenplatte

Ive started flying to my defend points and circling above at the cloud level, until I see tracer from the AAA and then I know a target is flying somewhere below.

Tempest – several hours on the Bodenplatte map (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

In total was scored 2 kills in this session. I am starting to get a further ‘grasp’ of multiplayer and some new realisations are: well Ill write an article on it, but there is a lot to it anyway. In summary though: The enemy tends to focus on one target mostly at a time. If you want action, you need to find out what they are hitting. They seem to go from south to north or vice versa. I spent the first 30 minutes circling the tanks in the North, only to run out of fuel, with almost no action. Then I realised thanks to the in-game message chat thing, that the enemy was hitting the depot in the centre, so I went there with a new plane and got a kill. Then the action did shift North to the tanks, and I was back there again. However I could hardly spot or keep track of anything around me, even though in review I could see there were plenty of targets near by.

Tempest Vs Ju87, FW190, Bf109 (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

A multiplayer air combat including several victories.

Hawker Tempest ground attack mission full & duel with ME262 & Bf109K-4 (IL-2 Bodenplatte))

There were no axis on the server to begin with and only me and one other on Allies, so I just did ground attack the whole time and towards the end a 262 showed up at the Panzer column.

Some air combats in the Tempest

How to Multiplayer – NOOBS read here.

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