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I am liking the fast paced action on the Official EU 1C server – if you want to practice dogfighting and hone your skills, there’s no better place, and I’m very enthusiastic about the new fairly well populated and growing servers for Flying Circus. Flying Circus is a blast – its SO MUCH FUN!!

Fokker D.VIIF Vs SE5a & Bristol F2 (IL-2 Sturmovik: Flying Circus – Volume I)

What a great thing this is! There is a real great enthusiasm in the multiplayer Arras map, and it is just really good fun. The D.VIIF is the more powerful version of the best fighter of WW1 – the Fokker DVII. I bagged a player driven SE5a and a probably ai Bristol F2. Then I made it back across the front line ‘no mans land’ and searched for the nearest airfield. I not the village near where I landed was complete with a black and white cow and other interesting detail. Also I went into the fight with radiator shut and I luckily caught it and opened it just in time.

Hawker Tempest Vs Bf109 & FW190 (IL-2 Great Battles)

A great fun dogfight session on the EU 1C server, I bagged 5 fighters in 16 minutes with the Tempest, the action is very fast paced and yes its on the arcade-side of gameplay because map icons and aircraft tags are on, also external view is on, but its very fun and not much investment of time to get straight into the action. The benefit too, is you can practice maneuvers over and over again, for example, right now I am working on my scissor attack and I pulled one off in this vid.

P40 Vs FW190 & Bf109 (IL-2 BOM)


Latest action

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