How to join me for a combat flight in multiplayer


The basic idea is rendezvous at an agreed location and formation fly around and wingman in combat. Below are the main points to be aware of – and capable of.

Im not a virtual squadron, dont intend to move beyond my current rudimentary multiplayer system.

Im not doing a Discord or teamspeak or anything at this stage – again probably wont in future either.

My basic deal is: If you see me livestreaming and want to come for a fly jump in the chat let me know and come join me online.

You need to do some things to get started:

Set the volume on your game to around 10% (on your rig) and then listen to me on a separate device, your smartphone or tablet or laptop or what have you at sufficient volume that you can hear me in the livestream. You can type in the chat on the livestream on YT, or you can also type in the in-game chat. Its important to be quick with your communication. Most communication will be either near future plans (ie what the  next target is etc), status ie any damage to report on your plane, or location related remarks ie Im at location xyz, im at xxxx feet, heading west etc.

If you cant type while flying, I suggest set your plane to auto level by pressing Left Shift and A to turn it on and again to turn it off when youre done typing.

That is about it. You gotta be able to find me and then keep a loose formation, following me in transit or keep in close visual range – less than 3km over a target or in combat.


Onus is on you to know this above stuff and to already know what youre doing in the game, with navigation, formation flying, team combat flying, direction, spotting, combat, taking off landing etc etc etc. You gotta already be competent in-game.

Big thing is being clear when you type something. Something like if I say “I’m taking off from airfield XYZ and headed 180 to bomb the enemy train”, you could say “Ill takeoff from the closer airfield ABC and head East to the enemy train and see you there or along the way”…. Try and make complete remarks like that, to avoid confusion, For example if I had instead said: “Im headed to the train see you there” – if there hadnt been any previous context that would be a meaningless remark. – For example, often there are two trains, a enemy and a friendly train. You be vague in your remark and your buddies end up at the wrong train etc etc etc. Only exception to the above is if there is already a known context – like if we have been flying for an hour, and know what the situation is, then abbreviated remarks can work.

These are casual flights, but to participate you gotta have some where-with-all – some good capability already.

Theres no schedule, its just if you get a YT notification that Im live and you have spare time then go for it.

In summary, communicate in the chats, keep listening to me talk for guidance, rendezvous, get in a close formation, combat as a team in visual range and be real clear in remarks.


P40 Vs FW190 & Bf109 (IL-2 BOM)




How to join me for a combat flight in multiplayer

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