Kanye West interview

Here is an interesting interview with Kanye West. He seems to have become a fashion designer and also has moved out of California for the most part and has a huge ranch somewhere – I think in Iowa. I didnt know anything about Kanye, except some very small snippets of news headlines, such as he is a rapper of some kind or music producer, married Kim Kardashian, Kanye recently got criticised for supporting Donald Trump and is known for making off the cuff kind of philosphical kind of Zen remarks. His main concept in this interview – I think – is ‘Christian Innovator’ which I think is fascinating, because I dont think Ive heard that idea before and it could well be an original idea.

Anyways I’m diggin the fleece and so if you have 2 hrs to use up, then watch this interview.



Kanye West interview

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