My best videos in 2019

My best videos in 2019

(These are *some of * my best vids.) This year I have been obsessed with multiplayer. And its fair to say that I know much more now than at the beginning of the year. But also: I know more today than just two weeks ago – There was really so much there to learn. Here are some examples I have picked out of the many vids on my channel. With the longer vids – If you watch them on Youtube, you can go directly to the action, by selecting the time-stamps I have pinned in the top comment.

Spit IX – 4 kills in a flight:

Recent Spit IX action:


Flying Circus:

Finally after many weeks of attempts, I started achieving in the FW190A-8:


FW190A-8 multiplayer cinematic:

Hawker Tempest on the EU server:



Checkout my level bombing skills in the A20B:



Some epic running fights – had to fight my way out of this one and somehow got back to base:

ME262 and Bf109K-4

Here is some flying around in a Sabre jet:

So that was Multiplayer…Here are some single player vids that were popular:



Mustang at high altitude vs Bf109K-4:

Here is Battlefield V tat came out this year, This is one of the single player War Stories, played right through from start to finish, its pretty good actually:

Here is Tank Crew mission 1:

An oldie but a goodie = IL-2 1946, Flying a Nakajima:

IL-2 1946 – FW190D-9:






D-9 with R4M:


Cliffs of Dover cinematic:

Spitfire in Battle of Britain:


Youtube algorithm change 2019

Youtube algorithm change in 2019

So there is this girl in a van doing Van Life youtube vids and her angle is she has a pet snake in the van and basically she joined Youtube in 2019 and in the space of 3 days she had 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS, and MILLIONS of VIEWS….. I test-watched her content – it is ok to be sure, but it really aint no big deal. I didnt subscribe (No offense). Begs the question: Did the algorithm direct this traffic to this new content creator? Seems like its no longer content succeeding or failing on its appeal to viewers, but now the algorithm actively directs views to lucky vids and probably away from unlucky vids.

A lot of edgy content has been deplatformed and deleted from Youtube. In my opinion this makes the platform tend towards boring. It was the edgy side that made Youtube successful.

Lately the Youtube algorithm has been offering viewers content that was uploaded to the platform many years ago, such as circa 2008 – 2015. Most 2019 commenters agree they quite like the suggested content. Others have noticed this too and you can be sure that in many vids in your feed, there will be comments there like “Ok shall we talk about the algorithm” and “So did this 2008 vid get in your feed too” “and Im here from December 2019” etc etc. I will compile some of these interesting algorithm suggestions here. To be sure content is specific to the viewer’s taste, but the curious thing is that in December 2019 viewers are seeing old vids.


So…Goose was the actual pilot.

Time to don the smoking jacket. What.


Elephants are HUGE!


Kitten vid beast mode


Desk Weasel


Husky in bathtub complaining about heat


3 days ago, Pewdiepie’s community tab asked: What major changes updates would you like to see youtube make? 🤔 here you can read everyone’s remarks and suggestions:

And here is a good summary of the year on Youtube:





Artistic homage to the classical era of amazing & seemingly unending consumer technology advancement

So both 2019 and the decade are almost over – The first 20 years of this century. Looking back one can see the immense development of computers and software. Now people are nostalgically looking back at the early days with fondness. It was the classical age of computers. As soon as something new came out the old thing was of no interest and basically worthless. But now those old consoles and desktops are like ancient Hellenic statues of the gods, unearthed from the sands of time. You could look at it as the history of ancient electronic civilisation.

Nintendo, Sega, Amiga, Commodore 64, Atari, Apple, IBM, Windows 95, Donkey Kong, Mario, Sonic, Nokia, Compact Discs, GameBoy, Tetris, NES, Megadrive, Discman, Duckhunt, Double Dragon, Xerox. AND the internet. Altavista. 28, 36 and 56 kbps dial up modems, with their curious robot R2D2 like connection audio output. Also all these things were consumer products.

It was also an era where synthesiser music and VHS VCR ruled supreme but was fading out.

Vaporwave (My interpretation only) is a formula of a few key things. Palm trees, ancient Greek statues, early computer graphics, bright neon colours, Windows 95 applications such as Paint and often sunsets tropical beaches and Japanese writing. Also Fiji water. To me, clearly this formula points to the 1990’s onwards, in electronic consumer products and the kind of culture that grew up along side that.

Super Mario documentary:



Consider for a moment that products such as Windows and Apple have been ubiquitous for 25 years!

1980’s graphics and beats:

A classic TV advertisement:


Several decades of consumer product advertisements have accumulated and some of these have found their way into the Vaporwave pantheon.

The New World tm

Crystal Tokyo

Windows 96

St Pepsi

Macintosh Plus

Floral Shoppe

Remember summer days

Corp. Palm Mall

Vaporwave on Wikipedia



This year I have been focusing on multiplayer combined with youtube livestreams. Which contrasts with my previous focus which was on cinematic videos.

Multiplayer is very difficult and I believe my capability is higher now for it, although I have not yet become an “Ace in a flight”.

After the livestream I write the timestamps of the action and pin the comment, so later viewers can easily see the dogfight action, without scrolling through a one to six hour video. Yes I did a 6 hour stream once!

Also, the lievstreams have a Superchat window where viewers can comment and discuss the action and interact with me during the flights as well as make one-off payments which I am very grateful for.

Not all Youtube IL-2 content creators do multiplayer and those that do, seldom if ever do livestreams of multiplayer. On the other hand, this year, I have been flying one (or more) IL-2 multiplayer livestreams just about everyday.

Some patreons past and present have always played multiplayer, and became patrons back when I was not interested in multiplayer, but now that I am up and running in the multiplayer environment, one way I can give back to supporters is to encourage you guys to fly during my livestream flights. There may be some awesome flights to be had there.