Leyland P76 V8 powered Bf109

This is a great aircraft. The designer has incorporated a 1970’s Australian V8 powered muscle car engine into a three quarter scale Bf109 airframe.

The motor is audible in the clip  and oh what a sweet sound!

You could do the same thing today with a more modern V8 – such as the 5.5 or 6 Litre motors in some Holden Commodores. Also if you wanted an inline engine I believe Ford may still produce those.


Leyland P.76

The Leyland P.76 was a good design here is its Wikipedia page

It had an aluminium engine so would have been pretty light weight as far as big engines go.


The P.76’s aluminium V8 motor

This one obviously is souped up for drag racing but you get the idea it is a powerful car.

Also one is not limited to one warbird type – could go a Spitfire instead for example or a P40! And the more modern V8 motors are often equipped with superchargers or turbos and benefit from all the latest software and elextronics that will do many great things like adjusting mixture with atmospheric pressure.

LSA Crate engine

A “Crate Engine” Holden HSV VF GTS LSA Auto 430KW 6.2 L Supercharged V8 Engine Motor

Here is a longer vid. I give this V8 powered warbird 10/10.

Leyland P76 V8 powered Bf109

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