Book Review: Boldness be my friend

Short Stirling mega-bomber navigator has high adventures, repeatedly escaping from POW camps and evading throughout occupied Europe.

Basically this book is a cure for extreme boredom. The type of book you cant put down.

At the start the Stirling gets shot down and crash lands somewhere in continental Europe. From there the high adventure begins. Its based on a true story. It is basically an autobiography. The protagonist and author Richard B Pape was awarded a medal or two and later became upset that the Beatles were awarded the same medal.

The closest comparison I can make of this book to something well known today, would be its like the early 2000’s PC game: “Escape from Castle Wolfenstein” and the movie “The Great Escape” and maybe “Hogans Heros”.

Its a gritty book. As the forward text states This is not a ‘nice’ book.

I give it 10/10.

Actually I read the 1950’s original version, but it was completely re-written in the 1980’s and the 80’s version actually would be better, because Pape was able to include a great deal more detail in the later text. Since I read the original I’ll have to go back and read the newer one.

Also if you want to know more about Pape, read his obituary fron the 1990’s and also this excellent blog article:


Pape Article

Book Review: Boldness be my friend

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