This year I have been focusing on multiplayer combined with youtube livestreams. Which contrasts with my previous focus which was on cinematic videos.

Multiplayer is very difficult and I believe my capability is higher now for it, although I have not yet become an “Ace in a flight”.

After the livestream I write the timestamps of the action and pin the comment, so later viewers can easily see the dogfight action, without scrolling through a one to six hour video. Yes I did a 6 hour stream once!

Also, the lievstreams have a Superchat window where viewers can comment and discuss the action and interact with me during the flights as well as make one-off payments which I am very grateful for.

Not all Youtube IL-2 content creators do multiplayer and those that do, seldom if ever do livestreams of multiplayer. On the other hand, this year, I have been flying one (or more) IL-2 multiplayer livestreams just about everyday.

Some patreons past and present have always played multiplayer, and became patrons back when I was not interested in multiplayer, but now that I am up and running in the multiplayer environment, one way I can give back to supporters is to encourage you guys to fly during my livestream flights. There may be some awesome flights to be had there.





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