Youtube algorithm change in 2019

So there is this girl in a van doing Van Life youtube vids and her angle is she has a pet snake in the van and basically she joined Youtube in 2019 and in the space of 3 days she had 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS, and MILLIONS of VIEWS….. I test-watched her content – it is ok to be sure, but it really aint no big deal. I didnt subscribe (No offense). Begs the question: Did the algorithm direct this traffic to this new content creator? Seems like its no longer content succeeding or failing on its appeal to viewers, but now the algorithm actively directs views to lucky vids and probably away from unlucky vids.

A lot of edgy content has been deplatformed and deleted from Youtube. In my opinion this makes the platform tend towards boring. It was the edgy side that made Youtube successful.

Lately the Youtube algorithm has been offering viewers content that was uploaded to the platform many years ago, such as circa 2008 – 2015. Most 2019 commenters agree they quite like the suggested content. Others have noticed this too and you can be sure that in many vids in your feed, there will be comments there like “Ok shall we talk about the algorithm” and “So did this 2008 vid get in your feed too” “and Im here from December 2019” etc etc. I will compile some of these interesting algorithm suggestions here. To be sure content is specific to the viewer’s taste, but the curious thing is that in December 2019 viewers are seeing old vids.


So…Goose was the actual pilot.

Time to don the smoking jacket. What.


Elephants are HUGE!


Kitten vid beast mode


Desk Weasel


Husky in bathtub complaining about heat


3 days ago, Pewdiepie’s community tab asked: What major changes updates would you like to see youtube make? 🤔 here you can read everyone’s remarks and suggestions:

And here is a good summary of the year on Youtube:


Youtube algorithm change 2019

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