My best videos in 2019

(These are *some of * my best vids.) This year I have been obsessed with multiplayer. And its fair to say that I know much more now than at the beginning of the year. But also: I know more today than just two weeks ago – There was really so much there to learn. Here are some examples I have picked out of the many vids on my channel. With the longer vids – If you watch them on Youtube, you can go directly to the action, by selecting the time-stamps I have pinned in the top comment.

Spit IX – 4 kills in a flight:

Recent Spit IX action:


Flying Circus:

Finally after many weeks of attempts, I started achieving in the FW190A-8:


FW190A-8 multiplayer cinematic:

Hawker Tempest on the EU server:



Checkout my level bombing skills in the A20B:



Some epic running fights – had to fight my way out of this one and somehow got back to base:

ME262 and Bf109K-4

Here is some flying around in a Sabre jet:

So that was Multiplayer…Here are some single player vids that were popular:



Mustang at high altitude vs Bf109K-4:

Here is Battlefield V tat came out this year, This is one of the single player War Stories, played right through from start to finish, its pretty good actually:

Here is Tank Crew mission 1:

An oldie but a goodie = IL-2 1946, Flying a Nakajima:

IL-2 1946 – FW190D-9:






D-9 with R4M:


Cliffs of Dover cinematic:

Spitfire in Battle of Britain:


My best videos in 2019

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