Top Gun

After watching Top Gun (1985), the viewer has experienced something profound. They feel it.

The original 1985 Top Gun feature film has had a big impact.

There are certainly mythical themes in the plot – The Hero – saving the damsel in distress, expressed in old tales such as King Arthur and the Nights of the Round Table, George and the Dragon…these kind of mythical tales of old. Then theres the score.

The score (list of songs chosen for a movie) is brilliant. It is the compilation of Harold Faltermeyer. (Some of his own songs and music of other artists combined) Wikipedia & Youtube Channel The music is a huge part of the movie. Here is the complete soundtrack:



Here is Faltermeyer in the 1980’s playing the Beverly Hills Cop tune.


There is a new Top Gun movie. Ill have to go see it. I have my fingers crossed that it wont suck as hard as new sequels generally do these days. ie new Star Wars.

New Top Gun Maverick movie (2020)


Here’s the 1985 original if you want to watch it on Youtube


Top Gun

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