Tank Crew

So lately I have been driving in Tank Crew in multiplayer. It is also involving aircraft. Below are some vids from these.

Multiplayer map design ideas

So in multiplayer the goal on a map is for your side to destroy the other side’s targets before they destroy yours and to win the map. Tanks could fit right in to this with added target destruction from the tanks versus ground targets. Tanks Vs tanks would be on a front line, potentially all along a map and with attack and defend point close proximity on the front line. Tank players could spawn in at their defense point and drive forward max 5km, to their attack point which might be any existing target ie a train or ship or strong point etc. Since the Battle of Kursk involved huge tank traps, if possible they should be obstacles in the tanks path as well as Ai AT guns.

The proper Tank Crew map: Prokhorovka is the best map to use owing to its interactive detail and its the actual place of the biggest tank battle ever. But not all pilots will own Tank Crew, so Ive already seen the Stalingrad map used in substitute for the Prokhorovka map. You can put tanks on any map, but the ideal is the Tank Crew specific one.

Ground attack planes now take on a whole new significance like never before, because when youre in that tank and you see a IL-2 Sturmovik or a Ju87 Stuka fly over the trees that you are using for camouflage, you start strategising to get from A to B without getting tank-busted by airborne cannons.

I wonder if a future role could be incorporated in multiplayer tank and plane combined arms maps, for aircraft like the PO-2 biplane and the Ju52. This could be really cool. Something vital to winning the map such as delivering fuel or ammo to tanks in a forward area, or recon with the PO-2 spotting other tanks or hard to find targets.

Tank Crew

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