Lately Ive been trying to play Battlefield V again – I can but I am terrible at it. My overall goal is to make great content from it, which necessitates some skill in getting kill streaks and pulling off epic escapes and excapades.

Forza Horizon. I have been playing FH3 and FH4. Some cinematic race replays and some livestream fast driving. FH3 is set in Australia and FH4 is set in the UK so the scenery is spectacular.

IL-2 livestreams, which often go for 2 or 3 hours. There is a new Youtube feature that enables editing ie clipping and cutting a video. So Im using that for some of the streams, to actually condense the finished stream into its best moments, so a 1.5 hour stream might end up being edited down to 15 minutes.

Ive become pretty good at operating the F86 Sabre jet so Im flying that in some livestreams in DCS. So far no real air to air combat but I aim to duel some Mig 15s with the Sabre.

What PC games am I into these days

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