Happy new year 2020 and looking at the year ahead

Happy new year & looking at the year ahead

I enjoyed playing pc games last year and making vids, including combat flight sim livestreams. Ive taken my air combat to the next level.

My channel has grown somewhat and did better in 2019 than the year before, but remains tiny. Current total stats: 7790 subscribers and 4.8 million views.

I focused on making good content that I want to make. Also last year I got this here website up and running with some actual content and I also completed my Amazon and Teespring apparel stores. All the designs in my apparel stores are my own work created by me with Adobe illustrator.

I want to thank you for watching the channel, liking videos, subscribing and participating in the chat and comments and for supporting with apparel purchases, Patreon, Channel membership and superchats.

Despite increased headwinds, I keep making flight sim vids and some other pc games. I will try to include more and more exciting things this year.