Battlefield V

Its looks like dumb chaos, but its actually a complex and difficult to master game, full of skillful experts who have academically studied how to not fail and how to win.

Lately I have been reflecting on the extensive degree to which I suck at BFV. And I conclude several things, most importantly that I could do with focusing on basic key bindings and display preferences as well as actually making myself learn some of the basic things that you can use in the game. For example, my key bindings didnt let me look back when flying a plane, and I didnt even realise there are buttons for things like grabbing onto a cliff when you leap cross a crevasse and dont quite make it and one for rolling on the ground when you jump off a high height, causing you to not lose health points. And I dont yet know how to call in and launch an artillery or buzz bomb strike as a team leader as yet…Also that you can improve your basic weapons, planes and ground vehicles so that they are better than the default.

I have updated my settings to the best ones used by the top players. That has to help.

I never use the katana or the swords, so theres that, I never slide, I dont crouh fire to reduce recoil spray, I dont have scopes fitted on everything or extended mags. Also – its so simple but I dont always aim. So now I actually aim. Also you can grab a grenade and throw it back using the interact button. I changed my interact button to an easier to reach key instead of the ‘E’ key.  With the planes, I didnt know how to zoom into cross hairs, or even how to bail out and parachute. I changed it to the ‘o’ key which I use for things in other games as a kind of mnemonic to memorize that.

I might start operating with my squad, that im allocated into, because every single player in the game is in a 4 man squad so it is a disadvantage to not use it somehow either for revive or concentrated fire.

Below: My last game before changing settings and trying to up my game…Hopefully improve from here.


Further more, there a lot of unexplained and not readily identifiable things in the game that I will only learn what they mean if I basically spend time googling etc. For example how do I know who the squad leader is? How do I know if Im the squad leader?? You look at your squad list and it doesnt really tell you this. What it actually is, is the squad leader has a small symbol – like a star next to their name. But you never get told that that is what it means. I had to watch 20 “BF V how to” Youtube vids to find out!

Also there is a flare gun for one of the roles and it apparently somwhow shows where the enemy are when fired. Also if you shoot the enemy’s flare out of the sky, you get rewarded with XP or something…..You see its a complex complex game. It looks arcade and it is, but its also VERY complex. Common problem: I keep losing in BF V. The answer: Dont treat it like its arcade, regard it as a kind of professional combat sim and put some study into it and you will start winnning – or at least lasting longer than 20 seconds.

Battlefield V

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