High flying in Flying Circus

I have noticed that almost completely pilots in Flying Circus Multiplayer are flying extremely high. Its like they are trying to fly to the moon or achieve a altitude World record.

I concluded today that the reason for this is because they are flying WW1 planes that have a natural nose up flight characteristic that usually wants compensating by forward stick pressure or – if the plane has trim or stabiliser trim, then trim out the elevator. The Bristol “Brisfit” F2 has this trim feature, for example.

WW1 planes climb slow. So climbing to great altitude to have a dogfight is a bad idea, because it will take so much time to achieve.

It might take 20 minutes for a WW1 biplane warbird to reach 5000m – 15000 feet….

There are only disadvantages to flying so high. The main one being that if everyone is wafting up to 3000m and higher, this takes many many minutes of flying time to achieve this altitude and if I spot you at a Kilometer above me, it will take me 5 or 10 minutes to hunt you down at which point you will dive to the deck anyway… Just stay at 300m to 1000m (1000 feet to 3000 feet) it is optimal fighting altitude for these WW1 warbirds.

There is a big problem with lack of combat opportunities, one way this can be alleviated is by pilots consciously recognising that their plane will climb of its own accord if they don’t rein it in and to keep their plane at a reasonable altitude.

My discussion at 49:10 & 1:11:50

High flying in Flying Circus

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