Bomber flights

It is hard to fly bombers, its like flying a small cargo ship through the sky and takeoffs and landings at those massive weights and low speeds can require plenty of practice and then even some finesse. Its also the kind of flying where if you learnt it at one point but havent done it for 3 months, you will have forgotten everything by the time you fly again.

Its particularly important to know the power settings for climb, and sustained cruise as well as the propeller RPM for these phases of flight. On a Ju88 for example you cant use full power with 100% prop RPM for more than about 60 seconds, or the prop gets damaged and you get ‘first engine damage’ dialogue..

With the help of viewers during livestreams I have figured out some useful things about bombers such as how to set climb power and radiators and also things like how to use the radio compass to find your nearest friendly airfield. There are so many things you need to learn before you can actually use a bomber even remotely effectively: Engine & prop operation during takeoff climb cruise landing., Dive breaks, Bombardier’s sight, defensive flying when under attack from fighters, using the guns – if you choose to, setting crew engagement distance commands, setting flaps and everything for takeoff, ground handling and taxiing, bomb release configuration, operation of the bay doors, avoiding flak and AAA, changing crew positions, choosing an altitude, choosing a route to from target… and so many more things.

Here is a example of my latest flights in bombers:

Cinematic short clip:

The full length flight:

Bomber flights

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