Cheap great home cooking – DIY slow cooking.

Cheap great home cooking – DIY slow cooking.

Slow cooked. These are cheaper cuts of meat and they are no match to Porterhouse steak on their own, but if slow cooked, they transform into delicious hearty meals. You can make a kind of stew – a “Ragout” with these economical simple ingredients. Looks like an oven is required, but I reckon you could just simmer for a few hours more on a cook top if you didnt have an oven.

1950’s footage: airliners, burger drive thru, parties.

1950’s footage: airliners, burger drive thru, parties.

Theres plenty of quality black and white footage of the 50’s, but here is some Technicolor, and I tried to avoid 240p resolution etc, so hopefully this set of clips can really convey the essence of the 1950’s in vivid authenticity.

As to the aircraft – feast your eyes on the prop-liners of the day – and early jetliners too. King of the sky back then was probably the Constellation – I see it in almost every clip, but also the Stratocruiser and DC-series such as the DC4 etc.

Its all stunning imagery of that epoch, probably my favourite though are these shots of the Stratocruiser majestically taxxing across a bridge with 1950’s cars on the highway. here: