1918 Flu documentary

The Zombie Apocalypse actually happened in 1918

Lest we forget is a phrase still closely associated with WW1, but almost everyone has forgotten about the flu that was savaging the World during WW1. It was a horrific zombie apocalypse level happening, a truly strange and mysterious event. Narrator lists the symptoms at 13 minutes. Today, going viral means making a lot of that internet monies (I wish), but back then this thing literally went viral and for a few years there was no stopping it.

It is accepted now that it was not originating from Spain, – IMO you might as well call it the WW1 flu, or the 1918 flu. WW1 killed 50 million: WW1 flu killed 50 to 100 million. And the victims were (mostly) in age range – 20 to 40 years. The assumption is that there was a mutation and a probable swine flu jumped species. It looks like influenza is pretty unconcerning unless it mutates in a way that makes it more efficient, which can be problematic.

1918 Flu documentary

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