DCS Track Replay is working

Since the update to DCS version 2.5.6 I am able to get effective reliability out of the DCS track replay. This is exceptionally noteworthy because in my experience it has been unreliable since I started trying to use it around 2017. In brief it would malfunction in the following manner: You play back your  track of your plane pursuing another plane and firing accurately at it. And what you actually get after about 35 seconds is your plane goes zombie and decides to deviate from its script and start flying wherever and however… and actually shooting into thin air. Yes this is the norm…Until now!

Also another thing to note, is that in some past updates the replay HAS worked for a few days and then ceased being reliable and relapsed into its old ways. There is now actually another micro-update waiting but I havent further updated, lest it revert the replay to zombie mode once again.

This update however has not gone zombie (Actually it did about twice out of maybe 15 replays). So, you can now see on my Youtube channel many many cinematic videos made in the space of just the last few days, using the now reliable track replay. I assume it will go bad in future updates, so Im making hay while the sun shines.

One notorious problem was that turning off the icons during a replay would trigger zombie mode, so I left the icons on spoiling the cinematic immersion, and I did try once lately and it actually went bad, hence the icons are still on, but I will keep trying to make vids without icons on where possible.

I have focused on the F-86 Sabre Vs Mig-15. Also some WW2 and F18.

Here they are:











DCS Track Replay is working

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