Defensive Walls: Great Wall of China, Maginot Line & Atlantic Wall

The Great Wall of China

They say The Great Wall of China is visible from space. Also it is known to have successfully kept the Mongols out of China. Therefor it was a success and it still exists to this day. Adding up all of its various walls, trenches and natural defensive points such as cliffs, it is around 20,000km long. The actual wall is something like 6000km long. Construction of the wall took place throughout 2000 years.

The Maginot Line

The Maginot Line dating from 1928, was intended to keep the German military out of France. Knowing it was a very very powerful and formidable defensive wall, the German military did not attempt to defeat the Maginot Line in any kind of frontal attack, instead choosing to bypass and flank it altogether.

From Wikipedia:

“The Maginot Line was impervious to most forms of attack, including aerial bombings and tank fire, and had underground railways as a backup; it also had state-of-the-art living conditions for garrisoned troops, supplying air conditioning and eating areas for their comfort”

The Maginot Line even in its day was lauded in newspapers as a magnificent feat of engineering and architecture. It truly is impressive and here is some imagery of the Maginot Line past and present:

The Atlantic wall

The Atlantic wall was a defensive wall constructed by Rommel during WW2 and designed primarily to stop an invasion from Britain by sinking the big ships of any invasion armada, before it could get ashore. It is/was so vast and so strong that it still exists today despite much battle damage and post-war deconstruction. It included many subterranean building complexes vast in scope and size and including hospitals and other big infrastructure facilities. There were various obstacles placed on beaches to thwart landing craft and amphibious tanks, but the primary power of the Atlantic wall was concrete bunkers and artillery. To that end many French pre-war artillery were placed on the wall. Every conceivable calibre and model was on the Atlantic Wall – probably some of them transported from the Maginot line and re-purposed, facing out to sea. Some artillery on the Atlantic Wall were relatively small, while other guns were so humongous that they could lob shells into England. The Atlantic Wall was very long at 1670 miles in length and similar to the Maginot line in infrastructure and armament, but because the Atlantic wall was so long, it was heavily fortified in some parts such as the very big guns in the North, while sparsely defended in other areas.



Defensive Walls: Great Wall of China, Maginot Line & Atlantic Wall

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