Whats in the works on my channel?

What I want to do is a few big cinematic movies, one on F86 Sabres in the Korean War in the early 1950’s, A big tank cinematic on the Kursk tank battle and some other cinematics.

I have been contemplating over the months – as I always do – what emerging technologies might be good for new cinematic techniques. One I have considered is to do text to speech and then also translate with google translate into other languages and so you could make a whole movie’s worth of dialogue that way. However the initial test results are very unsuitable, because the voices still sound like robots and even more importantly: They have no expression that would befit the context on screen.

Even further away but interesting to contemplate is deep fake tech. You could conceivable make a whole movie using this technology, it would mean any figure who there are a few dozen photos of – still photos, would be able to be animated and be in a film, even with kind of skeletal animation – walking and such. Think the Red baron or Douglas Bader.


Whats in the works on my channel?

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