Wedge-tailed eagle

Note the pronounced brow ridge.
The wings are very long. “it has a wingspan up to 2.84 m (9 ft 4 in) and a length up to 1.06 m (3 ft 6 in).” From Wikipedia.
Above: A Magpie swoops a Wedgie. Often Wedgetailed eagles will chase or be chased by other birds. I have seen a Wedgie chasing a Galah, but that is like a Ju88 chasing a i-16. lol.
air combat. That drone got smack-downed. lol.
He’s got a fox!
big wings.
Size comparison. Also: note the big claws. The beek needs to be very strong because it has to dig through the leather hide of the eagle’s prey.
You need a special perch glove for the talons, because they are very sharp.
I swear there is a 2 second vid of this somewhere on the net.
The eagle surely cant lift the kangaroo, so why is he attacking? My best guess is its a practice run for other smaller prey, or hes testing the roo.
Wedgie can hear the vario and thinks its another bird call.
This one is in Tasmania.
Note how its eyelid blinks from the side.
Looks like they scavange carrion, but also hunt live prey.
size comparison and wingspan appreciation.
A cadet lol.
In the nest.
Mostly they dont flap, they glide around on rising hot air called ‘thermals’.
They have tremendous pants on their legs.
They have a wedge shaped tail. Note: This one is flying in one direction but he’s looking in another direction. Eagles dont need to change direction to look around.
When they see prey the dive. They begin the dive by pulling in the wings and they plummet. They finish the dive by gradually extending the wings. Note: The undercarriage is down ready to grab some food. I have seen a Wedge tail playing above a ‘dust devil’ (A small tornado in the desert) by diving with wings tucked-in, to the top of the dust devil and then extending the wings and going straight up again. In these kinds of things the eagle is completely at home.
They fly above these on free lift.
The wing shape is so complex with many components ad features.
He has the same rust colour as much of the desert.
Im sure the spike at the end of the beak is to make an initial puncture in the leather hide of prey. Leather is very strong.
The spike could also act as a hook to aid feeding, by hooking and yanking.
Note the wedge shape of the tail that it gets its name.
They go solo or they fly around in groups of two or three.
They blend into the landscape.
As to the eye sight, I hear Wedgetailed eagles have very good vision, so they can spot a rabbit from 300m (1000 feet) up in the sky.
They have amazing wing tips with big single feathers, no doubt this helps them to fly with less energy.
Look at this amazing nest!
A nest in a gum tree. In my opinion those could be three sibling. From the egg to the sky lol.
A Wedgie and some ducks.

Key facts:

Eyesight extends into the ultraviolet band! They have two fovea and see prey better twice as far as a human can and have 1 million cone cells compared to humans 200,000. Many other attributes make the eagle’s vision system very amazingly good. Some speculate that eagle vision has telescopic capability.

wedge-tailed eagle can see nearly 140 cycles per degree (Compared cats see the world in less than 10 cycles per degree)! source

regularly reaching 1,800 m (5,900 ft)

Wedge-tailed eagle

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