Whos faster: Tempest, Spitfire XIV & Bf109K-4 DC

So which plane can escape the others on the deck or catch the others?

Bf109K-4 with DC engine: for 10 minutes on the deck. 614KMH

Tempest 9 Pound boost on the deck for 5 minutes 600KMH

Spitfire XIV 18 pound boost for 5 minutes 574KMH

Noteworthy: Although the Spit 14 is a big terrifying bird of prey, its optimised for 6000 feet, so on the deck it should be less powerful and thus slower. A K-4 DC on the deck should be 40KMH faster than a Spit 14. So if you are in a DC and can get out of gun range, you can just fly away from a pursuing Spit 14. However the 14 climbs better on the deck and obviously turns better on the deck too. I have seen Spit 14s also drop flaps in close-in combat against Bf109K-4 DC. TLDR: DC Bf109K-4’s advantage against Spit 14 on the deck is straight line speed advantage of 40KMH, but may have problems in prolonged dogfights.

Against the Tempest, the K-4 DC is a bit faster but not compellingly so. The Tempest turns better, (20 seconds vs the K-4 DC’s 24 seconds 350 degree turn) climbs better 21 meters/second Versus K-4 DC’s 19.7 meters/second. But the K-4 DC is still very competitive and nimble against the Tempest. For example, chasing a Tempest if he turns, you in a DC can climb and convert speed to height advantage, instead of following in a turn fight that you cant win. Also the Tempest cant escape as the DC is faster and the Tempest only has 5 minutes at full power and also overheats in a turn without opening the big radiator hatch, while the K-4 DC can do top power without overheating for 10 minutes, enabling the DC to mix it up against Tempests. Note: There is sometimes an option for increased boost for the Tempest. This might give the Tempest the sea-level edge on the DC. Id make a habbit of in multiplayer, before starting, look at the Tempest options for that extra boost or if its greyed out and also then look at your K-4 and see if it has DC available.

Whos faster: Tempest Spitfire XIV & Bf109K-4 DC

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