Model planes

model planes

The scale is an important thing: How big a model do you want, because there are different sizes called scales. Common scales are: 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. I think 1/32 is the best because its a bigger model that has more presence and may have more detail and even things like moving parts. I had a Bf109E in 1/32 and it was great because you could remove the engine cowl, and look at the engine and mg17 guns, and the wheels rolled, the canopy was openable, and the covers around the wing mgff canons were removable. Pretty sure the control surfaces moved too – the ailerons, elevator and rudder, but I think the flaps were fixed.

I also had a massive B29 which had a wingspan of around 2 feet! It would have been 1/72 scale. It had moving gun turrets and a detailed bomb bay.

Most of these were either Revell or Airfix brand.

Pro tip!: You can SCORE models now on Ebay like its crazy – so many old model kits for so cheap.

Here is a 1/32 Bf109: You can really see the size difference to the 1/72 scale.

So much detail on the 1/32 scale models

Also I had a 1/32 FW190D-9, similar to this one. It had a sliding canopy.


I had this B17G. It is good because you can see inside the fuselage and get an idea of the actual crew layout, where the seats are and all the details like the O2 bottles and the tables and radios and such.

You can make great diorama with the B17G or also hang the plane from the ceiling on cotton threads.


One thing: These vids sometimes look too skilled for the average modeller, especially in the areas of paint and also any customisations, but basically my first model, the B29 was put together by me very poorly!, but it still came out awesome and looked more than great to me, so dont worry about skill level, just have a bash it will still come together pretty well.

The B29 models allow you to really grasp how the plane had pressurised crew cabins and even a pressurised crawl-tunnel through the bomb bay connecting the front and back of the plane! I just painted mine aluminium colour and actually I think that is the best look for the 29, because its very striking in appearance and its how the plane was commonly operated. That is – the real thing was just bare aluminium, but to get the look for the plastic model, you will need a pot of aluminium coloured paint.

The B29 had some accessories which were super great, such as some high explosive bombs and 2 atom bombs, the fat man and the little boy, as well as the actual crew of the B29.

Here is a 1/48 B29:

I once saw a 1/72 Hurricane and I thought that looked really good.

Again on the vids often you see the modeller has every tool to build their model, they got dremmel, scalpel – scalpel set, a special green matt table thingo, a planet light, a jewellers magnifying lens etc etc, but you can get it done with less. Again dont be put off by the build, to start with you just gotta get the model, and some glue and some paint and a brush and open the box and snap out the parts and fit them together and glue them.

Flying Models – rubber band powered

Its hard to get hold of these in general, for some reason. Basically these are really good wind-up rubber band powered flying model planes. I had a Spitfire Mk1, and P51D Mustang and a Mitsubishi Zero. You could wind up the prop and throw it and it would fly for up to about 20 seconds. If you are on a hill with good wind and you have trimmed out the trim weight, you can get mad flight time like almost a minute. The one I had was a 3d shape, made of foam and it was one of my top 3 toys ever. Thing is looking across the whole internet today, I cant see a similar model for sale. They are all the old balsa wood 1950’s vintage models or 2d foam. There is a business opportunity to start making 3d foam rubber band powered Warbirds, because the market seems to have vanished – but Id buy one.

Pretty sure I had this one. The product box is very good.

They dont t ake long to build, and look great

I dont enjoy endless minuture complexity 3 month duration balsa wood mega engineering project style builds…. I just want to fly asap. These foam 3d warbirds are perfect for that.

Look at that drive mechanism! It connects the rubber band to the prop.

The weak spot on foam flying warbirds is the nose. It is under pressure from the rubber band tension, but also on the expected hard landings / nose dives, it will break. You glue it back together but its under tension and can have problems. But its not a big problem, especially if you fly in a long grass field.

In this era of many different types of RC – Radio controlled planes, why bother with these hard to find – now vintage 3d foam rubber band powered flying warbird models? Well because they are so good. You literally can fly in your back yard, or just go to a local park and fly it, no problems, no logistics, no sweat. Also, because they are cheaper than RC planes, and take less time to build, they are more economical to operate. One big equation with RC planes, is okay its gonna take a year to build, and costs $2500 and ill crash it on flight number 4….. Stuff that! Better just grab a rubber band powered spit, and fly it. If it breaks get another. Its like that and thats the actual value compared to RC.

And finally have a look at this B36! It is really good.

Model planes

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