Big comfortable road trip type car. Fuel injected 4.5L V8 engine, Power steer, air con, power windows, usually abs brakes and sometimes sunroof and other features. They ride smooth and fairly quiet. They have big interiors and an upright windscreen so you have great visibility of all the farmland whizzing by, on your road trip across Route 66, or the Nullarbor Highway or what have you. Later models have cruise control.

Definitely the four door big old sedans are ‘unpopular’, but low key they are really great value.

The way to go about getting one is to get one that is original. They important word is “original”. Because often the original engine got taken out and replaced with a Ford engine or what have you. An original car is way more sought after than one that is not original.

Also the usual stuff like service history, one owner etc. If possible these are valuable attributes. Most of these old cars are in real bad shape, rust, broken seats the works. But you can find some good ones here and there. Another thing, is its better to get one that is not an ‘import’. Sometimes imports come from salty areas where rust can be in that car.

You could also go the route of getting a rust bucket for $500. That is fun too. lol. Or you could buy a renovated and repaired example. However as I said, ‘original’ is the way to go and well as in undamaged original condition.

These cars are usually not very exciting but they are fun.

The ultimate model was the one with either 6.3 or 6.9L engines. They were the ‘sport’ models and they were Porsche fast but as big as a Cadillac. The 450SEl 6.9 was very torquey, and apparently a day of track driving with harsh use of the accelerator pedal could wreck the drive train and transmission, which were not fully designed for such power of that larger engine.

Here is a rare find, it is very good.

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