Volcano update

The Iceland volcano is still going strong. Now also there is a Italy volcano.

Here is a great volcano tale:

Flight 714 is probably based on Krakatoa.

This volcano exploded in 1884 and was very loud – it could be heard from France – not bad, since its in South East Asia.

After Krakatoa had exploded, there was nothing left but ocean and for a long time all there was was ocean.

But more recently – in the last 20 years, she’s ben building up again – out of the sea – and now the child Krakatoa is extant.

Volcanos are very exciting. There must be such heat undergorund that it melts stone and rock into flowing red hot liquid.

Some volcanos like Krakatoa have sank beneath the waves, and the rebuilt before sinking and only t o rise again.

The energy required to do work to build a island mountain like Krakatoa is beyond comprehension.

Destructive creation. The volcano grows but does not live. It destructs but never dies. Apart from the sea itself, volcanoes are probably the biggest single moving objects in the World. What physical thing has more power than a volcano? An elephant?, a whale? Volcanoes are on a whole nother level of big. And volcanoes have a mind of their own. They may stay dormant for 150 years and then become active again. Often they emit smoke every day, but do no more than that. Volcanoes are dangerous particularly because of Tsunami. However volcanoes are in accord with life generally, because they bring up such nutrients and minerals that almost immediately new plant and animal life begins to inhabit their new geological forms.

Volcano update

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