Super Cub

The original Piper Cub has pedigree or cache that goes way back. Its a trusted and true design that is legendary. Today there’s new iterations of the classic bush plane design, such as the Super Cub, And Super STOL with more power, big wheels and sometimes newer materials used in construction, such as maybe dacron instead of canvas and carbon fiber replacing some parts.

The appeal to me of the Cub aircraft is the ability to go bush and land in remote and rough-field locations where the hunting fishing and just being in nature is the best. They are about as fast as a car, but obviously they dont need a road and can get to a destination much quicker than a car.

Here is a SuperSTOL. STOL stands for short takeoff and landing.

This SuperSTOL shows how valuable this form of transport can be, for remote and rugged locations.

This Cub carries some Moose antlers:

Super CUb

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